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Competition Pro Roost Deluxe

kods: P0220044
ražotājs: Preston Innovations
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cena 124.95
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The Deluxe Competition Pro Roost is a highly adjustable roost system, designed primarily for housing large numbers of rods but can also be used when using large amounts of top kits.

The roost can be set up with 24 EVA slots in a line, perfect for spacing out a large number of rods, you can remove the SnapLok EVA heads and turn them to make a 12 slot roost with a front and back, ideal for pole top kits, the main frame can be adjusted to alter the distance between the two roosts.

The legs on the Deluxe Competition Pro Roost are double extending, making it extremely versatile whatever terrain you are fishing on. The Deluxe roost is incredibly versatile and can be used in three variations which you will see below.