Monster Feeder Rods

kods: PROD/28
ražotājs: Preston Innovations
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he Monster range has been designed in conjunction with Dutch International angler Arnout van de Stadt with the European angler in mind, all but the 10ft Quiver feature three sections plus tips which pack away to a compact size. The large feeder guides are braid compatible and the blanks blend seamlessly in to the quivertip. Three specially chosen quivertips are supplied with each rod.

  • The perfect ‘Picker’ style rod, the 10ft Monster Quiver is ideal for short range casting for shy biting species such as Roach and Skimmers. The fine carbon quivertips supplied with the rod help to exaggerate bites and the forgiving blank helps land any bonus fish that may be hooked.
  • The Monster Light Feeder is designed with short range feeder fishing in mind, the Monster 11ft Light Feeder is best suited to casts up to 40m with small and medium sized feeders up to 40g. The soft blank and fine carbon quivertips make it perfect for skimmers in conjunction with fine terminal tackle.
  • The Monster Feeder 11ft Medium is a beefed up version of the 11ft Light, it's designed for casts up to 40m but with heavier feeders up to 60g. The blank is still very forgiving but there is extra power for casting and it comes supplied with slightly heavier quivertips which blend in to the blank seamlessly.
  • The Monster 11ft 6ins Medium-Light Feeder rod is the most all round rod in the range. Perfect for casting distances up to around 50m with feeders up to 50g. The blank will handle light hooklengths but has more than enough power to be used on slower flowing rivers as well as lakes for bream and skimmers.
  • 12ft Medium Feeder rod is synonymous with bream fishing throughout Europe and with this rod it’s easy to see why. The extra length and 60g casting rating make it suitable for casting medium sized feeder’s distances up to 60m, the perfect all round bream rod.
  • Similar to the 12ft Medium Feeder, this rod is slightly heavier through the middle section allowing you to cast up to 100g. The 12ft Monster Heavy Feeder can be used for a variety of species including hard fishing fish such as Barbel and Carp on fast flowing rivers.
  • Distance casting is easy with the Monster 12ft 6ins Medium-Heavy Feeder rod, distances in excess of 70m can be achieved which is a huge benefit when tackling expansive natural venues. The quivertips supplied allow you to fish a range of styles even for shy biting skimmers while the power of the blank means it’s also suitable for fast flowing rivers.
  • The most powerful rod in the Monster range, the Monster 13ft Heavy is suited to distance casting on natural venues and larger rivers. It can easily handle Bream, Chub and Barbel of all sizes with heavy lines and strong terminal gear. Complete with three carbon quivertips including a 3.5oz X-Heavy.