Tungsten Removable Flying Back Leads

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ražotājs: Gardner
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Super dense non-toxic tungsten-polymer flying back leads that are made to help conceal your line by pinning it to the lake bed.

They’re extremely quick and easy to add or remove from the main line, without having to re-tackle. You just slide the line in or out of the central bore using the micro fine slice along one side that can be easily located using the small recess/guide set along the back edge of the backlead.

This design means that they can either be clipped onto the main line prior to casting or attached and slid down the line with your rig in position, just like a conventional back lead.

  • Concave face assists separation when used as a flying back lead.
  • Line glides smoothly through the super dense low friction tungsten polymer material.
  • Matt finish enhances camouflage.

Tungsten Flying Back Leads are available in 2 sizes – 4 grams (5 per pack) and 6 grams (4 per pack).