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Deluxe Method Bowl

kods: HDMB
ražotājs: Gardner
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The Deluxe Method Bowl features a high diameter/ high capacity design.

The shape simply makes it easier to blend and mix ground baits and additives properly – and then keep it moist and ready to feed into your swim. It can also be used for carrying other baits such as boilies and pellet.

  • Collapsible design with reinforced piping seams around the top and bottom of the bowl help to maintain the bowls shape when in use.
  • Heavy duty webbing handles with soft feel foam sleeves make it easier and more comfortable to carry – even when loaded.
  • The Deluxe Method Bowl is made from strong PVC coated material which is easy to clean, lightweight and hard wearing. It also features a heavy duty water proof base to reinforce the bowl to help make it more robust.
  • Full zip lid allows access and helps to keep prepared groundbaits moist and other baits in A1 condition.
  • Full external dimensions: 40cm diameter x 23cm high.
  • A massive 28 litre capacity.
  • Weighs approximately 740 grams.