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MF60 Indulgence Sleep System 5 Season

kods: T9450
ražotājs: Nash
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cena 505.99 €459.99
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The most luxurious comfort yet – now with the support of MF60, the highest quality rated memory foam sleep system mattress on the market. Memory foam cushions and adapts to the shape of the body for the most restful sleep possible.

The enhanced mattress design removes the traditional outer skirt, making way for a completely level mattress surface that also increases available space.

Full of Nash innovation, these new Indulgence Sleep Systems feature USB connectivity with a PVC lined waterproof power pack pocket on the underside of the head section - allowing smart phones and other devices to be charged in your sleep but still be to hand when required.

Available in the proven SS3 and SS4 frame confgurations in standard and wide, plus a new Compact version developed for users of smaller footprint low profle shelters who need maximum mobility but want trademark Indulgence comfort for all seasons.

  • Micro fleece covered MF60 memory foam mattress for optimum insulation and support 
  • Extended, adjustable lumbar support through the weight bearing section of the mattress 
  • Raised pillow section and embossed Indulgence logo
  • Zip on/off twin layer duvet. Single layer 3 season duvet for airy summer comfort and a second zip on layer adding up to 5 season and beyond for guaranteed warmth and comfort no matter how extreme the winter weather is 
  • Smooth nylon underside to duvets for snag free movement when sleeping 
  • Inner body baffles for improved heat retention» Heavy duty crash zips with anti snag baffles
  • Outer full length draught baffle along duvet» Fast ft elastic toggles for Pillow, Shrouds and Mattress Sheet
  • Single support leg behind head of Compact and SS3 models
  • Single support legs at head and base of SS4
  • Enlarged hinge mechanism with twin compression straps for flat transport 
  • New improved spring loaded leg assembly with one touch adjustment 
  • Camo mesh valuables pockets on both sides of the frame


  Size L x W x H Leg adjustment Weight
Compact 192 x 78 x 25cm 25-33cm 14kg
SS3 212 x 87 x 32cm 32-40cm 16.3kg
SS3 Wide 212 x 98 x 32cm 32-40cm 19kg
SS4 212 x 87 x 38cm 38-51cm 17.2kg
SS4 Wide 212 x 98 x 38cm 38-51cm 19.95kg