PVA materiāli

PVA Tubes 193x66 mm 10 gab.

kods: PVA5
ražotājs: Gardner
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Elongated, solid PVA bags, PVA Tubes are popular with anglers wishing to fish with a longer hooklink that is hard to achieve using standard shaped PVA bags. They are particularly useful for fishing in silt or weed that could envelop a conventional solid bag presentation. They are also beneficial when using stiffer hooklink materials, such as skins or monofilaments, which cannot be concertinaed into a short PVA bag without compromising the final presentation.

All solid style PVA Bags are superb for encapsulating the entire terminal tackle along with dry feed such as pellet and crushed boilies. Gardner Tackle’s high quality solid PVA Bags combine strength and a high melt rate. This means they are perfect for a multitude of uses in both the summer and winter. ‘Lick and stick’ the corners to make the finished PVA parcels more aerodynamic for casting.

  • Length= 193mm, Width= 66mm.
  • Available in packs of 10 bags.