TLB Compact Head

kods: TLCOMB
ražotājs: Gardner
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The TLB is a handmade, all round buzzer with the emphasis on quality, reliability and simplicity, with a touch of individuality! These compact little buzzers are as tough as old boots and we are constantly astonished by how rugged, durable and waterproof they are. The TLBs now feature an updated PCB.

• Fully compatible with the V2 ATTx wireless Remote Systems (2.5mm jack plug). 

• Heavy gauge polished stainless steel or matt black, face plate and roller wheel cover.

• Lightweight free running roller will operate with the lightest bobbins. 

• High powered speaker and 10 second LED latch time. Speaker output is 93dB at 10 cm.

• 100% Waterproof, sure to work fine in heavy rain.

• Full 2 year guarantee and lifetime service back up. We can repair even the oldest   TLB’s at a minimal cost.

• Includes Battery and padded protective Pouch. 

• H 65mm x W 46mm x D 36mm.

• Weight: 96 grams