Fishtron Neon 3

kods: NEON 3B
ražotājs: Flajzar
pēc pasūtījuma
cena 58.90
Preču cena norādīta ar iekļautu PVN 21%.
Norādītā cena ir spēkā, pasūtot preci 19.01.2021.



* Kalkulatoru aprēķinam ir informatīva nozīme. Ikmēneša maksājums var mainīties atkarībā no izvēlētā līzinga kompānijas piedāvājuma.

The FISHTRON NEON3 bite sounder is distinguished by its perfect design and modern electronics.

Two simple and easy to operate control elements allow you to set all the necessary sounder parameters, such as volume, sensitivity (the length of unwinding fishing line) and pitch.

There is a multifunction control button at the bottom which is used to turn the bite sounder on and off, but what else? It also lights up the white positional LEDs. We deliberately placed them in the rear, entirely up so that they can illuminate your fishing spot. And that´s not all. As you will see, it will serve you well as a beacon thanks to which you can rapidly orient yourself when loading feed. This advantage will be appreciated especially in poor visibility or at night.

The bite sounder has a built-in ambient light sensor that provides intelligent brightness control depending on light conditions. As a result, the LEDs are dimmed at night to avoid glare and, vice versa, its brightness is increased during the day.

The basic features of the FISHTRON NEON3 bite sounder:
- Elegant translucent design
- Stylish columnar LED signalling
- A number of vibrant colour options
- Intelligent brightness control
- Position ‘beacon’ LEDs
- Extremely simple to operate
- Unique design
- The latest electronics