Fishtron RX Multi

kods: RX MULTI
ražotājs: Flajzar
pēc pasūtījuma
cena 117.90
Preču cena norādīta ar iekļautu PVN 21%.
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* Kalkulatoru aprēķinam ir informatīva nozīme. Ikmēneša maksājums var mainīties atkarībā no izvēlētā līzinga kompānijas piedāvājuma.

It recognises both the bite and the speed and direction of the unwinding fishing line, as well as a set LED colour as a new feature. The receiver indicates everything visually and acoustically by different tone heights (depending on the sounder settings).

The receiver contains 3 alarm channels that work with ALF3 fishing alarms.

- Attractive design with a rubberised body which fits well in the hand 
- You can wear it around your neck or put on a table
- Reliable reception and display of bites from up to four FISHTRON Q9-RGB TX,NEON TX3, CATFISH TX3, e3TX bite sounders
- Built-in LED lamp
- Modern electronics, powered by only one AAA cell (regular battery) = cheap operation and financial savings
- Intelligent battery status indication informs regarding the need to replace the battery in advance
- Possible to control wireless lamp WRL1 and WRL2