ATTx Deluxe Receiver

kods: V2ATTXDR
ražotājs: Gardner
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The ATT Deluxe receiver sets a new benchmark in wireless bite alarm system performance when combined with the ATTs Alarms or the ATTx transmitter systems.

  • Deluxe Receivers feature an inbuilt stub aerial that gives the receiver substantially greater range.
  • The unit uses 2 AA batteries for a longer working life. Incorporating 2 batteries also offers benefits in terms of increasing the range of the receiver over the original V2 units.
  • The receiver has 10 independent channels and each channel can be programmed to a different tone output, that you can select from the 21 available pre-set tones. This is displayed on 5 LED light array by means of a ‘solid’ latching LED that stays on for 30 seconds for the first 5 channels, and a flashing LED for the second five tuned channels.
  • The unit has 5 preset volumes that are adjusted using the SSI (Silent Step Increment) system, controlled by the + and – buttons that are displayed on the corresponding LED.
  • The Deluxe receiver features a vibrate option (with or without sound) that automatically switches on when the receiver has been set on silent.
  • Supplied with 7 colour lenses, with all the lens colours available separately for full customisation of LED colours to match your alarms.

All current Deluxe receivers are supplied with the latest firmware installation as standard, that means the receiver is faster reacting and offers optimum performance.

Deluxe receivers are fully compatible with all ATTs Alarms and V2 Transmitters – and future compatible with ATT products currently in development.