V2 ATTx Receiver

kods: V2ATTXR
ražotājs: Gardner
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Key features of the V2 Receiver include:

  • Soft Touch, non-reflective, rubberised finish.
  • 5 independent channels.
  • Adjustable tone control.
  • Volume control.
  • Vibrate Mode on/off.
  • Excellent range (100m+ in ideal conditions).
  • The V2 Receiver is sold with multi-coloured LEDs as standard. These LEDS are set in the following order: Red, Green, White, Orange and Blue.
  • The V2 Receiver features a 30 second latching LED showing which alarm has bleeped/triggered.
  • Single colour LED Receivers are also available. These include: all blue, red, purple, green, yellow and orange.
  • The V2 ATTx receiver only requires a single AA battery (battery not included).
  • This single battery will last up to 6 months of regular angling.
  • To make sure that your receiver stays in tip top condition it is important to look after it and treat it with care.