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Drop Out Lead Inserts 10 gab.

kods: DOLS
ražotājs: Gardner
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These hard lead inserts are designed to fit most commonly available inline style leads.

These inserts are designed not to grip the swivel (size 8) and this means that the lead will eject from either the swivel end or off the tail rubber in the event of a bite – which helps ensure that this drop off style of lead arrangement works more effectively.

  • 10 lead inserts per packet.
  • Mixed colours (5 brown / 5 Green per pack).

*Discharging the lead can definitely help land more fish in heavy weed (and reduces potential mouth damage), but please use sensibly. There is no point in losing a lead if you don’t need to!

‘Drop Out Lead Inserts instructions’ step by step guide:

What you need…

Step 1 – pull out the soft rubber insert from the Gardner inline lead.

Step 2 – replace it with a Drop Out Lead Insert.

Step 3 – The Drop out lead insert is supplied overlength trim to size. About 1cm protruding form the back of the lead is best.

Step 4 – Thread a Covert Tail Rubber up yoru chosen leadcore leader, In this case we’ve used CamFlex.

Step 5 – Attach a size 8 Flexi Ring Swivel to the leader by the big ring.

Step 6 – Assemble the components by pushing the swivel into the end of lead insert, run the leadcore around the outside and push the tail rubber over the end of the insert.

Step 7 – We prefer to use a Covert Q Ring for attaching hooklinks. The Q Ring should be attached to teh swivel like this.