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Covert XL Buffer Beads 12 gab.

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These extended Buffer Beads fully sheath the lead loop and swivel and are particularly useful to use with helicopter and chod rigs.

Increasing the distance between the swivel and the lead reduces the chances of the hook point catching on the underside of the lead weight when being retrieved, which could dull the hook point.

  • Extended buffer helps maintain better hook holds with chod rigs by keeping the rig/lead further away from the fish’s mouth.
  • Special rounded smooth design helps to eliminate tangles which can often occur when hooklinks wrap around the top of round beads or swivels on the cast.
  • Extended robust rubberised construction acts as a cushioning buffer, protecting the lead knot or leader from damage whilst playing hooked carp.
  • XL Buffer Beads = 30 mm long.
  • 12 beads per packet.
  • Low-viz camo colours available in Solid or C-Thru Green & Brown, plus a C-Thru Silt colour to match the rest of the Covert range.