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Skorpion Bait Pouch

kods: SKP
ražotājs: Gardner
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Using a baiting pouch to hold freebies allows you to get into a rhythm whilst baiting and this naturally improves accuracy and reduces fatigue when you are catapulting or using a throwing stick.

The Skorpion Bait Pouch is also ideal for holding a few essential ‘bits and bobs’ if you are highly mobile angler, stalking carp or wandering the river bank trotting a float and carrying the bare minimum of tackle.

  • The large bait pocket will hold over 2kg of bait.
  • The Skorpion Bait Pouch has a removable liner that is useful to keep different baits separate and makes cleaning much easier. This is Velcro’d in position for ease of fitting and removal.
  • Strong 1.5″ webbing adjustable waist band that fits waist sizes up to 42 inches.
  • This pouch features an elasticated catapult attachment.
  • Main pocket dimensions: 40cm wide x 20cm deep.