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Rig Roll

kods: HRU
ražotājs: Gardner
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Rig Roll

In essence, a very versatile flexible tackle box. Say goodbye to snapped lids and broken hinges.

Large capacity when opened, but rolls down to a small, compartmented roll capable of holding all the essential bits needed for a normal session.

  • Perfect for the mobile stalking approach.
  • A variety of pockets, compartments, pouches and loops.
  • Roll up and store in your rucksack.
  • Length(closed)=22cm, Length(open)=79cm, Width=26cm.
  • Colour: Dark Olive Green

These Phials are ideal for storing small rig components such as hooks, swivels, bait bands, etc. keeping them separated and handy for when you need them. Perfect for use with the Gardner Rig Roll which has a row of elasticated loops to hold them securely in place. Available in 2 sizes:

  • Large – 6.5cm x 2cm 
  • Small – 4cm x 1.5cm