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Odds 'N' Sods Bag

kods: HOSB
ražotājs: Gardner
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Odds ‘n’ Sods Session Kit Bag

Simply extremely useful! Ever had one of those sessions when all your tackle is scattered around inside your rucksack and you can never find what you need? Time to get organised…

The Odds 'n' Sods bag is a handy internal (or external) bag, perfect for keeping all sorts of bits and bobs in – like spare catapult elastics and pouches, PVA refills, marker floats, spare spools of line and hook links, etc. In fact it’s great for anything essential, that because of its shape or size won’t fit into your tackle box (or if it’s anything like mine, it’s usually too full anyway!).

  • Keeps all your essentials close to hand.
  • Tapered design (wider at the base) gives a good balance of storage volume and compact ease of carrying. It’s not overly bulky but can contain a surprising amount if needed.
  • High quality full width zip.
  • Tough/heavy duty waterproof 600D polyester material.
  • Top quality stitching and fully padded throughout.
  • Excellent value for money!
  • Length=42cm, Width= 14cm (at base), Height=16cm.
  • Colour: Dark Olive Green.